Nanobots navigating your bloodstream

Science fiction or reality: Little robots that can swim through your vascular system to administer medicine to a specific part of your body. Well, according to, a site that showcases some of the most interesting research projects done in Canada, these robots could soon become commonplace.

Using microscopic magnetic balls, a scientist from Montreal’s polytechnic school was able to navigate the bloodstream of a living animal by exposing the beast to magnetic fields. In the case of cancer treatments, the “nanobots” could deliver chemotherapy medicine directly into a tumor, making the substance much more effective and reducing most of its secondary effects.

Since the human body is composed of nearly 100000 kilometers of sanguine vessels, the reach of this technology inside us is nearly limitless, making it the perfect vehicle to treat all kinds of afflictions.

You can read more about this promising new technology right here: Fantastic voyage, from fiction to reality.

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