TweetBeep – Twitter’s version of Google Alerts

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

The first line of TweetBeep’s webpage sums up this service perfectly – it’s the equivalent of Google Alerts for Twitter and it’s perfect if you’re following a lot of people on the service and you’re struggling a bit to keep up with all your replies.

It works the same way as Google Alerts – by entering pre-defined keywords and phrases, you’ll be emailed either daily or “as soon as it happens” when your keyword or phrase is mentioned in a Tweet.   This also includes your @username.   So as I said, if you’re a pretty popular Twitter user with lots of followers and you have replies coming in thick and fast, you can have a nice list of those replies emailed to you at the end of each day.   You can then check the list, see if you missed any of the replies earlier and if any are still awaiting a response.

TweetBeep is also perfect if you’re a company tracking Twitter conversations about your product, webmasters tracking conversations about your blog or if you’re just an ordinary Twitter user who wants to know if other people are talking about you behind your back.

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