Stanford’s STARMAC: The surveillance drones of tomorrow?

Stanford’s STARMAC, short for Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control, is probably one of the coolest remote-control helicopters we’ve ever seen.

This is not a toy, remote-driven helicopter. The primary goal of the STARMAC project is to test and develop algorithms that will be implemented in future autonomous flying devices, such as the little flying cameras you see everywhere in Half-Life 2.

< TinFoilHatMode >Paranoiacs and conspiracy theorists will soon want to take up permanent residence in their underground lairs, because in a few years, individual privacy will be a thing of the past. These robots will be everywhere, looking at you and recording your every move, and the thing is, your probably even won’t notice because of new cloaking technologies that are being developed right now!< /TinFoilHatMode > Video after the jump.