Geek-Friendly Fashion to Get your Week Started

By JR Raphael
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

We may not be GQ, but we’ve tracked down some new fashion items that we think will be a bit more exciting than the latest trendy threads. See if you agree.

The Stink-Free Socks

perfume-filled microcapsulesScientists are close to creating a kind of clothing that’ll keep you smelling a little fresher. The fabric actually has perfume-filled microcapsules to mask any offensive odors with a pleasant lemony scent. They’re working on suits, socks, and even underwear with the technology. It’s the same concept at work in scratch-and-sniff stickers, believe it or not, but this is the first time a skin-safe solution has been found. So scratch away, dear readers — though we advise using caution with any direct sniffing.

The Marty McFly Sneakers

Marty McFly SneakersYou may already own the orange vest, but now you can get the official Marty McFly Back to the Future shoes, too. Inspired by the futuristic high-tops from the second installment of the series, Nike is releasing a new “Hyperdunk” line of sneakers this summer. The shoes have a similar look and even come with the year “2015” on the front. No auto-lace-up feature yet, though.

The Photo-Proof Glasses

Worried someone might snap an incriminating photo of you? Make yourself a pair of “Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses” and fear no more. The glasses come with a switch to turn on bright LED lights on the front, making your face virtually invisible to cameras.

The All-Seeing Jacket

If the glasses aren’t good enough, you can use the Hard-Wear Jacket to keep an eye on all sides of you. The jacket comes with a built-in microcamera in the back and a tiny display screen on the sleeve so you can watch who might be following you. Of course, with the popped-up collar and bright orange checker design, we imagine you’ll find mainly people pointing and laughing behind you — but hey, at least you’ll know they’re there.