TokyoFlash’s Ultimate Geek Watches: Giveaway and Review

Generally, geeks notoriously avoid wearing jewelry, especially male geeks. But there is one exception to this rule: watches. This is probably because watches do not only add an element of fashion to their look, but are actually useful. And if the watch looks especially high-tech, then all the better!

I’m sure you’ve all seen some geeky-looking watches on the Net in recent months. Most technology blogs cover them from time to time, so if you’re following a bunch of them, you ought to have seen a few. Today, I’m not only going to show you 3 amazing watches from a company named TokyoFlash, but I’m also going to give away two of them (an approximate value of $150 each). Keep on reading for all the details.

Watch #1: 1000100101

Contrary to what most people think when looking at its name, this watch is not one which displays time in binary format. As you can see, it has been designed to look like a high-tech device that would fit well on the wrist of a moon base commander. Its surface has a brushed metal look and displays the time by pressing a button on the side of the watch. It then lights up a bunch of bright LEDs. The yellow LEDs on top are used to indicate the day of the week. Under this, the green, red and yellow ones represent the hour of the day. If you press the side button once more, you’ll then get the current date and month. The strap looks very nice, has a leather back and sports durable, carbon-fiber style coating.

Watch #2: S-Mode Oberon IPB + WhiteLED

Once again, our second watch looks very futuristic. The S-Mode Oberon features a very cool looking, full-face, black mineral crystal lens and the wrist strap is stainless steel. It displays time by lighting up a bunch of white LEDs located underneath the lens. All you need to do to get the time is to press the top side button. The LEDs are arranged in three different rings. The outer ring is used to count the hour, the middle ring counts the single minutes and the inner ring displays the minutes in groups of ten. The date can also be read in a similar way by a second touch of the upper button.

Watch #3: Tibida

Our third and final watch will probably please the binary maniacs among you. The Tibida can display time using three methods: hour-centric, minute-centric and binary. Like most TokyoFlash watches, it can also give you the date. Tibida features a nice-looking stainless steel case and a polyurethane wristband. It is available in four colors: red, blue, black or orange. The model we received is red and will probably look nicer on a lady. But that’s just my personal opinion. The LEDs on the Tibida are extra bright, and I almost got blind after looking at it for the first time. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but yes, they are noticeably brighter than on the two other models we received.


At the end of this week, we will be giving away 2 of these watches: The S-Mode Oberon and the Tibida. Interested in participating? Just leave a comment on this post and you will get one chance to win. Add this post to your bookmarks, and you’ll get another extra chance (just be sure to type in the link to your account using the URL field when leaving a comment). The lucky winners will be drawn on June 27th. Participants can only win one watch each. [GAS] contributors are also welcome to participate.


Special discount for [GAS] readers

Our Newfound friend at TokyoFlash have also provided us with a discount code for those of you interested in ordering one of their fantastic watches. When placing an order, be sure to enter this code (GAS12) in the coupon code field of the order page. This will give you a 1000 Yen ($9.30) discount on your order. Please note that this discount code will only be active for 10 days starting today!