Knight Rider’s KITT is for sale on eBay!

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Yes, that’s right, you can now own one of the 1980’s most famous cars! There were many Pontiac Trans Am’s in the Knight Rider series and this is one of them, being auctioned off on eBay. The bidding is currently at $31,000 and it ends in 23 hours time.

From the auction description :

“This is one of the original vehicles from the series introduced initially in the third season and then re-converted to simulate the “Super Pursuit Mode” variant of KITT that debuted in the 4th season and was later used in the Knight Rider made for television movie (1984) and for exhibition and promotional purposes.

One of KITT’s many technologies. the “Super Pursuit Mode” was designed according to the show to give KITT a 40% increase in speed through the assistance of retractable airfoils and jet boosters. Inside, a panel of lights and screens depicted a look at the future of automobile technology”

To get your 1980’s nostalgia going, here’s a KITT video to remind you about what the car was capable of (as well as remind you of David Hasselhoff’s glory days). Then get bidding so you can do some turbo boostin’ of your own!