Delicious 2.0 – where is it?

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

In what must be the biggest tease ever on the internet (9 months and counting), the new Delicious 2.0 is still not available, leading me to believe that one of the following scenarios applies :

  • Delicious is missing, perhaps dead.
  • Delicious has been put into deep stasis and blasted off into outer space (Captain Picard will find it floating around Borg space in a few hundred years)
  • Delicious has been turned into a top secret military project and the staff hermetically sealed into a bunker

I love Delicious and I use it every day. But you have to agree it’s starting to show its age and could use a bit of spit and polish to bring it into the Web 2.0 age.  So when are we going to see it?

Do any of the GAS readers actually have one of the 2.0 beta invites (or are they just a myth)? Have you been inside the “Holy Grail” to see Delicious 2.0? What is it like?

Any word on when we will actually see it live and in action?

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