Keep on Twittering – even when Twitter is down

By Mark O’Neill

Twitter has been crashing so much lately that it isn’t news when it goes down. But now, in an ironic twist, a mini-industry seems to be springing up to cater to Twitter users for when the service is not available. No, it’s not tea and sandwiches. No, not 24 hour suicide watch either.

Twiddict is a Web site where you can temporarily post your Twitter messages, and when Twitter eventually comes back up, Twiddict will automatically send all the queued messages to Twitter in the order they were posted.

You don’t need to have any withdrawal symptoms about Twitter being down, and you can stop writing suicide notes, Mr. Scoble! Just send all your messages to Twiddict and pretend everything is normal. Later on, Twiddict will send everything to your Twitter profile, and you won’t even notice the difference!

And look, you even get to see some pretty red flowers while inputing your messages!

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