ObamaHillary.com – prudent investment or worthless?

By Mark O’Neill

While Senator Barack Obama FINALLY moves towards to the Democratic presidential nomination and the TV talking heads speculate endlessly about his Vice-Presidential running mate, one domain name reseller has already decided who it will be – and he’s got the domain up for sale on eBay for a bargain basement $5000.

Don Bowman sits at home, watches TV and comes up with domain names that might prove to be valuable. His latest one is ObamaHillary.com because he is convinced that Senator Obama has the former First Lady on speed dial and will call her up sometime soon to invite her on the ticket. That’s when his domain’s value will shoot through the roof and he will rake in the cash. Ah-hah.

I don’t know what you think, but to me, domain name speculation is a very hit and miss affair. It’s just like going to the bookmakers and putting your money on the horses, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.  Buying domain names and trying to predict the future isn’t much different.

But I think we can assume in this case, the horse isn’t going to come in.

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