What have they DONE to the Hulk?!

By Mark O’Neill

I was starting to enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie but having now seen some new pictures that have just been released, I am horrified!

What have they done to him? He looks like he has caught a severe dose of leprosy!

Bill Bixby must be turning in his grave and Lou Ferringo must be getting ready to smash something!

What is it with Hollywood that they can’t turn a classic TV series into a movie without royally screwing it up?  Why do they have to make a stupid CGI version of the Hulk anyway?   What’s wrong with the perfect Lou Ferringo method of getting a big muscular guy and painting him green?   Oh wait, that would be too realistic-looking.

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  1. Yeah he looks like a giant green rash, but having a real actor play the beast will just destroy all capable effects.

    I'm sorry, but throwing people around doesn't intimidate me, but throwing a car, yes. Normal-guy-with-green-paint won't work very well with a wire-rigged car without looking like crap too.

  2. I disagree. I think that the old Hulk (from the most recent movie) looked too green, belonging more in a kids movie than a superhero movie that could be enjoyed by a more mature audience. I think that the new Hulk looks much more real, and that it makes a great contrast to the smooth human form of Edward Norton. I think it creates a more Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde feel to it, with this Hulk being less easy on the eyes and somewhat more hideous looking.

  3. Well looking at the picture, it's probably at the end of the movie. Just after he's fought the Abomination, so he's dirty from the fight. Which would explain the leprosy :)

    Personal, I remember when the first trailers came out. I wasn't very excited about the CGI. The new trailer it looks a bit better, but it still leaves me a bit worried.

    The only good thing I can say about the film, is it doesn't look as bad as Ang Lee's version.

  4. Stop Whining!

    If the Hulk were a person in real life and not fictional, just painting up some weight lifter guy would not do the Hulk justice at all because he's supposed to be 8ft tall or more! Plus, a body builder of human proportions would never be able to gain the muscular structure that the Hulk has because some of what you see is a mutation created by the gamma rays that Bruce Banner was playing around with. No real human being could pump themselves up that much and still be considered healthy.

    • Oh so when I express an opinion, it's a "whine" and when you express an opinion, it's an "opinion"?

      Right…got it. I'll just shut up and sit in the corner then.

  5. My apologies. I'm just tired of people complaining about movies based off of fictional characters wanting it to be "realistic" or believable. While the movie industries do try to make it real enough, there's still enough weird and fantastical things that happen in their fictional worlds that can't always be pulled off in our world. Unfortunately.

    I do agree that CGI is getting old though. I like good old fashioned make-up and latex applications as well, and come to think of it- if they can make a demon creature out of Ron Pearlman and prosthetics, they may have possibly been able to do the same with the Hulk, though there is still the problem with his sheer size and all.

  6. Actually, 15 years before the Bill Bixby TV version ever aired, The Hulk began as a comic book … with some rather fantastical elements. Be happy that the new movie pays homage to the TV show in the opening credits and let it be it's own animal without passing judgement until you ACTUALLY WATCH IT!

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