New Cushion Promises Cooler Rear

By JR Raphael
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Japanese researchers have come up with another cool way to keep you cool.

The same guys who brought us the USB Air-Conditioned Shirt have now developed a seat cushion that can keep you comfy down below. Kuchofuku’s new Suzukaze Air-Conditioned Cushion brings delight to your derriere with a fan-powered blast of air that, evidently, “dissipat[es] the heat and moisture accumulated around the buttocks.” Now that’s a winning slogan if I’ve ever heard one.

This half-pound gadget is also quite energy-efficient. Its low-power fan, according to company estimates, will only hike up your electric bill by five cents a month — and that’s with eight hours a day of use.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the marketing meetings for this thing.