Problem with [GAS] – Can anyone help?

Edit 3: The Issue has been fixed on Saterday night. Thanks to everyone who helped! For those who want to know, we were not responsible. The redirect came from an external ad script.

Edit 2: Removed additional scripts.. is it still doing it?

Edit: I think we got the culprit. I only need to know if some people are still getting the redirect. If you do, please leave a comment. Thanks.


Hey folks,

We’re currently experiencing a small problem…

When hitting the front page, or any specific URL on the blog, it seems that some visitors are getting redirected to a site that tries to convince them to install a fake anti-spyware application. The redirect only happens once or twice on reloads, and then it stops completely, and the blog loads normally.

I’m working on resolving the issue.. All script that are loaded comes from reliable sources.. the PHP code of the blog doesn’t seem to have changed, so I’m a bit stucked right now. If anyone can help or know what the problem is, please send me an email at geekpub [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

I’ve also looked at my wordpress plugins, but since the problem doesn’t occur for me anymore, I have no idea if my changes actually do something.



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  1. That's the code for the Forbes and Computerworld ad networks.. so it's good.. Tried removing it, and it didn't change anything.

    thanks for your suggestion though. :)

  2. Tried allowing the various sites through NoScript one at a time (I hadn't gotten any redirects yet) and experienced nothing. Using Firefox (2), obviously.

  3. Jon@ Wordout still getting redirected on the top RSS post about Arnold. Firefox closes all windows and displays the official looking ad for XP Antivirus, which I have been removing from users computers alot lately.

    745pm Eastern Time

  4. And on the 3rd try into that page everything worked fine. Looks like it sets a cookie or uses one of yours to determine how many times we've been there? Would go far to hide the problem from you guys..

  5. Mark is right… I have a large explanation why with pretty good details, but this comment system won't take my comments. I don't know why; is there a limit on comment size or something?

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