Open Culture – one of the best sites on the internet

By Mark O’Neill

There are a lot of crap websites on the net that I wouldn’t miss for an instant if they disappeared. But if Open Culture vanished, I would be really hacked off. This is one website that I monitor constantly for updates because everything they post is interesting.

I mean, look at what they have right now.   A recording of what is supposedly Walt Whitman reading his poem “America” (which then makes you wonder if the recording is real or not).   Then a rare early recording of the human voice (which made me comment that it isn’t really a recording of a human voice at all but more a recording of static!).

They also collect together essential jazz albums, books you should be reading, YouTube videos you should be watching, free podcasts you should be listening to, blogs you should be reading, and much more.    I am still wading my way through a free Mozart symphony that I found on iTunes thanks to Open Culture pointing it out to me.

This is definately one website you should have in your RSS reader.    You could easily waste an entire day going through Open Culture’s archives.