Online Staring Contest Heats Up

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] The human need to compete has never been more evident than in the new web sensation called iBeatYou. The site definitely wins when it comes to number of ways to waste time online. You can find a competition for practically any “skill,” so to speak. Think you’re a staring […]

What have they DONE to the Hulk?!

By Mark O’Neill I was starting to enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie but having now seen some new pictures that have just been released, I am horrified! What have they done to him? He looks like he has caught a severe dose of leprosy! Bill Bixby must be turning in his […]

Take a Walk on the Keyboard Carpet

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Wii Fit, meet your match. A creative guy has come up with a room-sized, foot-controlled keyboard carpet. The strip, as you’d expect, lets you step on letters to control your computer. Active, productive, and a lovely addition to any home. I’m sure every woman in the world will be […]

Missed The Andromeda Strain? Catch it Again on Saturday Night

By Patrick Biz Contributing Writer, [GAS] This week, A&E broadcasted its awaited mini-series, The Andromeda Strain, featuring Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Rick Schroder (24). The 2 two hour episodes aired on Monday and Tuesday night, but if you’ve missed the show, you can watch the rerun this […]

Introducing the “Luke Skywalker” Prosthetic Arm

Researcher Dean kamen was recently interviewed at the All Things D conference concerning his new “Luke” robotic arm (Yes, that’s Luke as in Luke Skywalker.) This new revolutionary arm can do a lot more than what all current prosthetic arms can do right now. I invite you to check it out in the following video. […]

Could a Polish monastery hold missing Mozart works?

By Mark O’Neill Being a classical music fan, I am excited at the thought that there may be the chance of some previously unknown musical works of Mozart being found at a monastery in Poland. Musicologists there are reviewing various musical scores to determine if they do indeed belong to the genius Austrian composer. Some […]

You’re banned from confessing on YouTube!

By Mark O’Neill A Leeds man, whom British police have described as “the city’s dumbest criminal” has been banned from boasting about his crimes on YouTube. Andrew Kellett uploaded more than 80 videos to YouTube in which he boasted about what he had done and how he had done it. In effect he confessed to […]

Who wants to be an astronaut?

By Mark O’Neill The Canadian Space Agency is looking for worthy candidates to join up as astronauts and blast off into space for them. Interested?  Well, here’s the job description : “Astronaut trainees will train for tours of duty on the International Space Station (ISS), the largest human spacecraft ever built. Astronauts are involved in […]

Robert Scoble and his productivity problem

By Mark O’Neill It’s not often that I read anything by Robert Scoble. It’s not that I dislike the man or anything. I’m sure he’s a very pleasant guy. It’s just that his output is so staggeringly huge that I can’t keep up with him! Reading his Twitter feed for example is like trying to […]

Viking DNA extracted from 1,000-year-old skeletons

By Mark O’Neill Researchers on the Danish island of Funen have successfully managed to extract authentic DNA from the 1000 year old skeletons of Vikings. According to Science News, they will be able to use this DNA to answer questions such as “the origin of genetic diseases, migration patterns of our forefathers and tribal and […]

Shuriken tacks will make people think you’re a ninja

Designed by Jonathan Sabine and Adam Pickard, the “ninja tacks” may look deadly in appearance, but they’re only elaborate thumbtacks in reality. Too bad these things are only conceptual for now as they might have come in handy as intimidation devices.

New Cushion Promises Cooler Rear

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Japanese researchers have come up with another cool way to keep you cool. The same guys who brought us the USB Air-Conditioned Shirt have now developed a seat cushion that can keep you comfy down below. Kuchofuku’s new Suzukaze Air-Conditioned Cushion brings delight to your derriere with a fan-powered […]