11 year old takes over as school computer network manager

By Mark O’Neill

If you’re a network manager, I think your job might be under threat when your boss sees this kid. Jon Penn is only 11 years old and he’s Victory Baptist School‘s computer network manager. At 11, shouldn’t he be playing with his Nintendo Wii or something?

According to the article on Network World, his mother is the school librarian and when the IT support person suddenly quit, she found the IT job added to her already heavy workload. Enter her 11 year old son to save the day who says his favourite reading material is computer magazines.

He looked at what the school needed, looked at the budget and then started to build a network. Pretty amazing work for a kid his age.

Do you agree with what he did? Or would you have done things differently?

2 Responses to 11 year old takes over as school computer network manager

  1. Good for him but…

    His mother is only the librarian. How does this sit with the school? Are they going to let an 11 year old run the IT division? Aren't there labor laws against this sort of thing?

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