Leaked: Images of the Eee Desktop

You wouldn’t be able to tell by the 50 pound behemoth perched atop my desk, but I love small-footprint computers. Machines like the Mac Mini and gPC Mini have limitless potential and can be used in numerous ways: servers, firewalls, media centers, etc. As of late however, our favorite has got to be the tiny Eee PC. This tot of a laptop became an instant sensation before it was even released; its small price and size made it a must have.

Seeing how successful their first foray into tiny computing was, Asus has promised an Eee desktop for 2008 and these might very well be the first pictures of it. Apparently these images are far from official but HotHardware seems to think that they are, indeed, real. There are no hardware specs yet but an earlier report from Gizmodo indicates that it might sport a 1.8 GHz processor along with a $300 tag.

The new Eee obviously takes a page out of the Nintendo designer’s handbook, and we can’t say that it looks anything short of stunning. Based on the choice of color and awesome minimalistic design, it looks like this little PC would fit in just right with any computer or home theater setup.

Asus Eee PC Desktop, Eee Box Unveiled [via Giz]

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