Is PC gaming on the way out? Long live consoles?

By Mark O’Neill

During the very brief and infrequent periods that I have played games, they have nearly always been on the PC. I played the Sims very briefly (before my character burnt the house down by setting the Christmas tree on fire) and I played a game where you created your own golf course. But that was years ago and these days everyone and their dog seems to have a games console. Which begs the question : is PC gaming dying?

The only thing that seems to be keeping PC gaming afloat these days is World of Warcraft. Apart from that, everyone is flocking in droves to the Nintendo Wii, the X-Box and the Playstation. When you walk into the store to buy a PC game, you’ve got to fight your way past the huge console game section to find the ever-shrinking PC games section in the corner.

So now it’s over to you. Do you think PC gaming is a dying pastime? Are consoles set to take over the hearts and minds of gamers? Or will World of Warcraft prove to be the one thing that keeps PC gaming from dying off completely?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tom Lawrence

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