Reddit River – a mobile river of stories for Reddit fans

By Mark O’Neill

Digg may get all the relentless fawning but Reddit isn’t that bad either at the end of the day (Mixx is another goodie). I was introduced to Reddit by Kiltak who swears by it.

One other Reddit fan has proved that the love is there by creating a mobile version of the site which is apparently three times lighter than the regular site.

Reddit River is run using Python. It automatically detects mobile versions of all the links on Reddit’s front page and redirects you there when you click on one. For example, if it finds a printable version of a linked article on the Washington post, it sends you there.

This is especially handy if you’re trying to access the page on your phone and speed is of the essence. You don’t want to be standing there with the phone in your hand while it tries to download a large JPG picture of Britney Spears spreading her legs.

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