Intel promises Wi-Fi over 60 miles

Intel announced this week they are working on a new Wi-Fi solution with a maximum range of 60 miles. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2008, Intel’s Rural Connectivity Platform (RCP) will allow people living in areas unsupported by high-speed infrastructures to get on the net at a speed of up to 6.5 Mbps.

To make the solution work, a city interested in getting the service needs to purchase 2 routers, priced at about $500 each. Then, both routers will have to be set up in a point-to-point connection between a node that has access to high-speed Internet, and one in the locality needing coverage. From this point, access could be provided to the area using standard cables and wireless routers.

Not only will RCP help bring schools in rural locations access to the modern world, but I also see the technology being of great help to medical services and humanitarian organizations all around the globe.

The following video provides more details about RCP.

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