Expensive Wii is still just a Wii

We here at GeeksAreSexy aren’t really into bedazzled electronics like those Lindsay Lohan types. In fact, we pretty much despise anything pink, sparkly, or alive. This Wii is pretty cool though.

It was originally awarded to winners of Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament and was created by Crystal Icing. It will run you about $4,000 but might never be available for sale due to the unique nature of its design. Surely if you really do want one of these, a quick email and some credit card information later, your friends will be laughing at you.

Or you can man up, buy a Wii and an airbrush, then get to work. Of course you can always just play games on it and stuff.

The Brawl to End Them All… [via Kotaku]

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