Automower: The incredible lawn-mowing robot

The Automower

Since summer is quickly approaching, and since we northerners haven’t seen anything green for the past five months, I thought a post reminding us of warmer temperatures would be appreciated.

A Swedish-based corporation named Husqvarna just released what many will consider the perfect lawnmower. Not only does it mow your lawn without any human intervention, but it will also return to its docking station automatically for a charge when its battery is starting to get low on power.

Dubbed “the Automower,” this suburban-dream-come-true looks a bit like a vacuum cleaner without a wire. According to Husqvarna, the device needs an initial “learning period” of two to five hours to get used to its environment before getting to work. Once the learning phase has been completed, the Automower can apparently be left alone for the whole summer. It will go out on a pre-determined schedule, mow your lawn, and then get back to its docking station for a recharge when it’s ready.

Before putting our little friend to work, you will need to set the boundaries of where it can and cannot go. To do this, all you need to do is install a metal wire around the perimeter of your yard and around the spots where the Automower should not go.

The best thing about it? It doesn’t make any kind noise or pollute the air. And no need to pick up the mowed grass clumps, either! The Automower cuts the grass so finely that there is no need to pick it up. It simply stays on the ground and naturally fertilizes your lawn.