MP3 Players: 10 Years of Digital Music

MPMan F10This month, exactly 10 years ago, the father of all MP3 players, the MPMan F10, was released.

Initially presented at the 1998 CeBIT exposition, the MPMan F10 featured 32 MB of memory, which could stock around eight songs, and a tiny LCD screen. The gadget’s starting price was set at $250, and for an additional $69, you could get your hands on a 64-MB version.

Media players have certainly come a long way since then. Today, the most powerful iPod manufactured by Apple can stock up to 168 GB of music, or about 40,000 songs.

What will the future hold for MP3 players? If in 10 years, the total capacity of the devices increased 4000 times, would the future players be able to hold 672 terabytes of data? And would you be able to fill it?


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  1. I think that the song files of the future will offer a new dynamism never before seen. Such as being able to remove certain instruments etc. I think that it wud prove very popular should that be the case as we often don't hear the groovy bass lines, or wicked drum solos!

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