LifeGem: From Cremation to Diamond

It’s a fact: Nobody likes to think of death. Whether we’re talking about ourselves, our loved ones or our favorite pet, most people prefer to avoid talking about the subject. And when death comes knocking upon our door, decisions have to be taken.

How do you want your body to end up? Eaten away by Mother Nature under 6 feet of soil or reduced to a pile of ashes? If neither interests you, a new alternative exists: The LifeGem.

The LifeGem is a small diamond that is made with the carbon that is extracted out of a cremated body’s ashes. Once the carbon particles have been collected, they are purified and put inside a high temperature carbon press. The result? A small “real” diamond of the weight and color of your choice.

The price? Expensive. A basic LifeGem will cost you approximately $2700, and if you want something that weights over 1 carat, you’ll have to shell out over $25000.

A bit pricey, but hey, spending eternity trapped inside a diamond has to be expensive!

LifeGem’s official website