And the Geek Oscar for the best light-saber goes to…

By Mark O’Neill

“I’d like to thank George for making my light-sabre a nice shade of red….”

The writers strike has been resolved and the Oscars back on track for February 24th. But before Daniel Day-Lewis can pick up his Oscar, we need to first have the “Scientific and Technical Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” – apparently otherwise known as the “Geek Oscars”.

These Oscars are apparently for the techie geeky side of movies – the CGI effects and the other special effects that go into making a good movie. Did you totally dig that alien monster in a movie you watched last night? The people who wrote the software for that alien are probably contenders for a Geek Oscar. George Lucas is probably a regular nominee.

As the Washington Post put it : “without these people, movies would just be actors acting. You might as well go see a play.”

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