Energy drink review, coffee suspiciously omitted

The ancient Gods had Ambrosia, southerners have Budweiser, and geeks have the energy drink. How else would we be able to learn the things we know and to the extent that we know them; with only 24 hours in the day? Without caffeine and massive doses of sugar, most of us wouldn’t have even been able to get through school.

Alright, so we definitely need this delicious category of beverages to sustain our day to day functions, but which brand is the best? With so many names out there, what should you drink when you’ve got a paper due in the morning?

Thanks to Mike Fahey of Kotaku, your next trip to the local deli might be a shorter one. He has risked the health of his heart and liver to review 13 popular energy drinks and give you the lowdown on their taste and buzz.

Looks like the best all-around drink is Monster with a perfect combination of flavor and go power. While Cocaine is a kick in the mouth with the most energy.

Hit the link for a good read on all of your favorite heart stoppers.

A critical look at energy drinks [Kotaku]

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