Dominos starts online pizza tracking service

By Mark O’Neill

pizzatracker.gifWe don’t have Dominos Pizza over here in Germany (at least not where I live) but I can’t help but admire their new concept to attract more custom.  Dominos is today rolling out an online feature where you can track the status of your pie – from the moment you order it to the moment it leaves the store.

When you feel the need for a double pepperoni with extra cheese, you can go to , click on the “Pizza Tracker” link and follow the progress of your pizza masterpiece. You can find out when the pizza is in the oven, when it has been placed in the box and when it finally heads out the door. Unfortunately from then on, you will have to remain in a state of constant paralyzing fear, not knowing its precise status while it makes its way towards your front door.

The new system is aimed at people who spend lots of time online.   Rival Pizza Hut is said to be “unimpressed” with Dominos latest gimmick.  One critic said dismissively “I guess they’ll sell a ton of pizzas to people with no social life who are sitting in front of computers.”

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