The Unfolding Process of Evolution

Watch as the evolution process unfolds itself before your eyes in this amazing video featuring fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and finally, primates. Enjoy the show!


8 Responses to The Unfolding Process of Evolution

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  2. Video is really cool, but it looks like the creator got bored at the end. He described 200 million years in 4.5 minutes, then finished quickly by skipping to primates. Maybe there will be part 2 :)

  3. That video is complete fiction. Evolutionists cannot even give a credible scenario for the formation of life from inanimate matter.

    There is no evidence for intermediate forms in the fossil record.

    Have a look at "the Cambrian Explosion", a huge number of sea creatures appeared almost simultaneously in the fossil record, with no lead-up intermediates.

    The appearance of sharks, rays and cuttlefish was similarly ubrupt.

    Do some research rather than tamely following evolutionary dogma.

    May I suggest

    Darwin's Black Box"

    by Michael Behe

    It is available on Amazon

    It is not a "religious" book.