Dilbert goes all widgety

By Mark O’Neill

DilbertIf, like me, you enjoy your daily dose of Dilbert, then you’ll be pleased to hear that he has gone all widgety on us.

Dilbert’s daddy, Scott Adams, has produced free widgets of varying sizes which show the current Dilbert strip (in color!) and you can put the widget on your website / blog / iGoogle page / social networking page (take your pick).

The only slightly irritating thing about it (from my point of view) is that there isn’t a widget size that shows the entire strip in one go. Even the biggest size – 400 x 300 – only shows one and a half pictures at a time and you have to click on the arrow button to see the rest.

But hey it’s free and who am I to quibble with free? Grab your desired widget and show the love.

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