PC games on Sony PS3 using Game Streams

By David Peralty
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Want to play Bioshock on the PlayStation 3? What about Halo 3? Well, that might just be an option of a new service via IPTV channels called Game Streams.

The CEO, Richard Faria, says that the members of StreamMyGame will get a free plug-in that converts games into the IPTV channels and will let the gamers play remotely by sending it over a home network.

Members to www.StreamMyGame.com can:

  • Build gaming communities
  • Record gameplay to video and upload these videos to the web
  • Broadcast games live over networks and at LAN parties
  • Stream games over their local network so they can be played on any computer in their home
  • Stream games over their local network so they can be played on any Linux and UPnP based device in their home
  • Share their games over the internet so they can be played at remote locations by other gamers
  • Improve their game skills with dual play of single player games

Seems like the idea is that you have your computer running the game, you send out what the computer sees over your home network, and software on the PS3 will allow you to connect to that video stream, and send inputs via the controller back to the computer. Seems like it could be quite laggy, but StreamMyGame says there will be little to no lag issues with their system. I guess it all depends on how decent your network is, though with gigabit ethernet catching on, I suppose sending high definition video over the home network isn’t too inconceivable.

In the fourth quarter of this year we will see a Linux version released that will enable PC games to be played on the PlayStation 3. Could this become the nail in the coffin for the Xbox 360 or will this be a vaporware joke we will soon forget about?

I personally think that the PlayStation 3 needs to be extended in anyway it can, as Xbox 360 has the better titles, and while the community might not be as devoted, the overall experience is still better on the Xbox 360 than the PS3. I fail to see the real value in something like this, as playing it on the computer would be a better experience than trying to play it through the network on the PlayStation 3. I do think that this could just be another geeky thing that PlayStation 3 fanboys do to show off the versatility of their console.

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