Audi R8: The slowest car we’ve ever built (Video)

I’ve always loved the design of Audi cars. They’re good looking, classy, and the R8 is no exception to this.

In an unprecedented move, Audi UK is investing more than 6 million pounds (roughly $12 million dollars) to support its new R8 high-performance car with one of the most ironic claims in the history of advertising: “the slowest car we’ve ever built”.

The R8 is, of course, anything but slow. It is the fastest production car Audi has ever produced, but because each one is constructed with painstaking precision, largely by hand, it actually has the by far the slowest build process of all Audi models. Only 450 cars will be delivered in the UK this year, and 750 in 2008, with prices starting at £77,000 ($155k).