Lifetime supply of beer for a laptop

Free beer!A New-Zealand brewer just promised that he would provide free beer for life to the individual who would help him get a stolen laptop back. The system, which apparently contains crucial enterprise information, has disappeared early this week when one of the brewery owners forgot to set the alarm before going at the end of the day.

Owners Paul Croucher and Nigel Gregory are desperate to get it back, so much so they are offering free beer to whoever dobs in the person responsible for the burglary.

It happened some time between 8pm on Monday, when Mr Croucher left the Depot St building, and 9am on Tuesday when he arrived back.

I know some of our readers are from New-Zealand, so you guys might want to keep your eyes open for this stolen laptop. Hmmm, free beer for life, that’s certainly a good deal! (but probably not for your health :))

Lifetime supply of beer for a laptop (The Daily Post)

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