Facebook Worth $100 Billion?

By David Peralty
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Facebook Worth 100 Billion?Do you think Facebook is stupid, or that it only appeals to the lowest common denominator of the people on the Internet? Would it then shock you that some people are already saying that the Facebook platform may one day be worth upwards of $100 billion dollars?

From Scobleizer

At the Graphing Social Patterns conference there was a guy who said that Facebook was worth $100 billion. He was properly derided, in my view, by most of the people at the conference.

But, one of his arguments was “would you have said that Google wasn’t going to be worth $100 billion back in 1999?” Yeah, I probably would have said you were smoking good crack if you told me that back then.

Problem is that if you said that back then you would actually have been right.

Now, in eight years will Facebook be worth $100 billion?

Personally, while I use Facebook, and it has become an e-mail replacement for my wife to communicate to her friends, I really hope that the service is eventually superseded by something better, more fulfilling, and with less of the application garbage that Facebook has allowed to crud up people’s profiles.

Sorry all, it was only fun when it was new. I really don’t want to be a vampire and bite people.

Pamcakes from 1938 Media gets it right in her recent video. All of these networks lack the ability to compartmentalize your life online, like it is offline. I don’t want my co-workers to see my status is “I am sick of work”. I don’t want my friends to get social media promotion requests.

What do you think, will Facebook become a $100 billion dollar company over the coming years, or is doomed to be replaced much like MySpace was?

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