Jammed: A Tribute to the Faded Glory of the Audio Cassette [Video]

Lamenting the demise of the audio cassette, we at M-I-E, thought it would be nice to try and find a fitting tribute to it’s faded glory. ‘Jammed’ is the story of a bold, heroic, Viewmaster robot, venturing into an unknown world to save an unknown soul. We had great fun making this short film, using a mixture of stop motion and 3D techniques. The music was composed by our talented friends, Dan and John, at Meanred.?


The Mini Mario Orchestra Performs Epic RPG Medley

An awesome RPG medley performed by an Orchestra of Mini Marios? Now how awesome is that?


World’s Fastest Juggling Pianist [Video]

An amazing performance by Dan Menendez juggler extraordinaire.

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QUESTION: Will We Ever Run Out of New Music?

The human ear can only distinguish a certain number of tone, and since it only takes a few notes for two songs to sound similar, will we one day run out of new music?


Hot Superheroes [Pic]

Mmhmm. Perhaps their costumes are a little…incomplete, but I don’t think there would be too many complaints about that. Certainly none coming from me…

I only wish I knew who they were, or what they were wearing this to. And if it was a convention, how do I get tickets for the next one!? Anyone know these guys?

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A Moustache Doesn’t Make You Creepy [Funny Movember Video]

An ad by TAXI Canada for Movember.

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The Fighting Man’s Frying Pan (FMFP!)

A frying pan with a sword handle? Now how awesome is that?

We here at Morlock Enterprises pride ourselves on bringing awesome into your day. Let us infect your kitchen with our indelible stamp of awesome. Allow the wonderful delusions that haunt your adventure seeking brains to seep out. Cry havoc and let loose the bacon of deliciousness!

For that purpose we have created the most epic of combat kitchenware, the Fighting Man’s Frying Pan or FMFP! A battle hardened piece of cookware ready to maul any meal you sling before it.

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Why do coffee and alcohol make you PEE more? [Science!]

Like long walks on the beach with a coffee in one hand, and a beer in the other? If there isn’t a washroom nearby, you might want to rethink that. Find out why caffeine and alcohol affect the amount of water in your urine, and how it affects your body.


Can You Name Them All: 52 Famous Weapons from Pop Culture [Pic]

So geeks, can you name all 52 of these famous weapons from popular culture? :)

[Source: Daniel Nyari | Via Blastr]

Water gathering beetle inspires water gathering bottle

A water bottle that continually refills itself sounds less like a real world object and more like a convenient device in a video game. It’s appropriate then that an attempt to create such a thing is inspired by a bug.

The bug in question is the Namib Desert beetle, which lives in said region in southern Africa. The area of the desert where it lives gets just half an inch of rain a year. To harvest enough water to survive, the beetle uses its wings to catch fog droplets whenever there’s a damp breeze: the droplets are so small, they are carried in the wind rather than falling to earth.

The beetle wings are made up of a combination of hydrophilic (water attracting) bumps and hydrophobic (water repelling) troughs. That helps keep the droplets together long enough to build into tiny “puddles” that eventually become big enough to roll down the back to a part of the beetle’s body that effectively acts like a water bottle from which it can drink.

The technique has already been studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and four graduates from the Boston area have now formed a company called NDB Nano. They are working on ways to mimic the hydrophilic/hydrophobic pattern on the surface of a water bottle.

Where the beetle is able to flap its wings, a bottle would need an electric fan. NDB Nano staff believe the power requirements for this are low enough that a small solar-charged battery would be sufficient.

Co-founder Miguel Galvez told the BBC that the company has already developed a proof of concept and is working on a functioning prototype. At the moment he believes this prototype could collect between 500 milliliters and 3 liters an hour depending on where it is used.

The company believes the technology could have a host of uses including allowing military staff to maneuver without having to choose between carrying large amounts of water or hunting down fresh sources; marathon and ultra-distance runners being able to rehydrate without needing to wait for scheduled water stations; automated watering systems in greenhouses; and improved dehumidifiers.

In theory the technology could also help residents of arid regions. However, the charity WaterAid says it wouldn’t be a complete solution as, while it could produce adequate amounts of drinking water, it likely wouldn’t be enough to support agriculture.

(Image credit: Hans Hillewaert via Creative Commons license)

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