How Groot From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Helped One Young Fan Overcome His Speech Disorder


When four-year-old Sawyer Dunlop first heard Groot speak in the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he instantly connected with the character. Sawyer suffers from Dyspraxia. A condition that affects a child’s motor functions and can impair their ability to speak, among other problems. Sawyer’s Dad, Josh, started noticing some amazing changes in his son after […]

53 Khaleesis Invade UK


53 newborn children in the United Kingdom were named Khaleesi last year according to the country’s Office for National Statistics. That was still far behind Arya, a name used for 244 newborns. Other Game of Thrones names included: Arya (244 babies) Theon (18) Tyrion (17) Daenerys (9) Sansa (6) Brienne (4) Bran (4) Sandor (4) Check […]