Dorkly Comic: The 6 Types of Phone Gamers [Comic]


What type of phone gamer are You? Check out the comic and let us know in the comments section below!

Comic by Tony Wilson and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly.







[Source: Dorkly]

12 Responses to Dorkly Comic: The 6 Types of Phone Gamers [Comic]

  1. I would be a Cheapskate and Investor.

    I will play freemium games, but only as long as I can progress without shelling out cash.
    I will buy and play full games that are fully playable from the start, without the specter of in-app-purchases.

  2. Closest to the pirate and investor. I use humble bundle to buy several android games for only a few $$. :) You’re welcome to join me.

    • Arrr Me Hearties …. Fellow Pirate here – though I don’t play stupid HD games on my phone just old school Arcade platformers or bullet-hell games

  3. Would have been more accurate if the called the cheapskate what he really is… “smart with his money”.

  4. I am normally a cheapskate but Clash of Clans has be slippery sloping like a MoFo.

    You mean it is going to take 3 days to level up my town hall………. or I can pay $5 and have it now?