“BADASS” versions of some beloved characters [Pics]

BADASS Buzz Lightyear

You have to check out this awesome “BADASS” series of characters that Sylvain Sarrailh has let us post here for your viewing pleasure.

I’m not quite sure which I love more – the Breaking Bad-esque Teletubbies or the rather more honest representation of Alice in Wonderland – I mean, she must have been high right? ;)

Which is your favourite? Which character would  you want to see Sylvain draw up next?

[By Sylvain Sarrailh | Via LS | Badass Fanart]


3 Responses to “BADASS” versions of some beloved characters [Pics]

  1. Love the fact that gun, blood, and extreme violence = “badass” should I go decapitate someone right now? Would that make me a badass as well? This is so disrespectful to these characters and what they represent. I wish I could live in a world where it was considered being a badass to respect others and treat them with kindness rather than one where we constantly glamorize destruction and then wonder why people keep shooting each other.