Cyber Monday Week Deals: Save BIG With these Amazing Amazon Deals!


It might not be Black Friday or Cyber Monday anymore, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals online! Here are our compilation of awesome products for today!

Save OVER 73% Off on Beautiful Luxury Watches from Invicta

PNY Turbo 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive$29.99 $14.99 (50% Off)

Up to 67% Off DEWALT Professional Power Tools

Black & Decker 16 Volt Dustbuster Cordless Hand Vacuum$126.00 $38.97 (69% Off)

50-70% Off Pajamas & Robes for Men, Women & Kids

Save up to 66% on Winter Travel Essentials for Your Car

Kurt Adler Doctor Who TARDIS Figural Ornament$16.50 $8.99 (46% Off)

Orbo Jr. 4GB (Expandable via SD Card) Android 4.4 Wi-Fi Tablet with 7″ Five-Point Multitouch Display$199.99 $49.95 (75% Off)

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Halo Limited Edition: The Master Chief$29.95 $14.99 (50% Off)

WANT: Planetary Bowls and Plates


Just the perfect thing to go along with these planetary drinking glasses!

This set of 8 planet bowls features Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Yes, we love Pluto. No, it’s not in this set. These are made by the same folks who brought you our Planetary Plates. Together, they’d make for the perfect grilled cheese and tomato soup delivery mechanism. Well, when coupled with a spoon.



[Planetary Bowls | Planetary Plates]

Plop Plop, Baby: The “Squatty Potty” Pooping Unicorn Commercial Gets Autotuned [Video]

A few weeks ago, we featured the hilarious video presenting the “Squatty Potty” toilet stool, and now, the company behind the product released a hilarious autotuned version of the commercial. Just watch it, you’ll be glad you did… and then, you’ll be caught with that song in your head all day.

Plop plop, baby.

[Squatty Potty]

Driverless Cars Get Own Racing Series


The organizers of the leading auto racing circuit for electric vehicles says it will run races for driverless cars next year. The races will take place on the same city street circuits as the existing manned Formula E racing.

The Formula E championship series which ran from September 2014 to June 2015 was the first to use fully-electric vehicles. It takes place mainly on city streets that are temporarily closed during the race. Last year’s series involved all teams using an identical vehicle, but next year manufacturers will be allowed to design their own cars as long as they meet common regulations.

Now the organisers have announced that they’ll be running a sister “Roborace” series alongside Formula E, using the same circuits earlier in the day as a supporting attraction.

There’ll be 10 teams each running two driverless cars. Officials say the races will run for an hour but haven’t yet confirmed if that’s a predicted completion time for a set number of laps, or if the race will be a time trial.

For the initial season at least, each team will use the same model of driverless car. The competition will be among the respective artificial intelligence used to monitor driving and race conditions and determine the best speed and steering routes.

One race team won’t be operated by a manufacturer or tech firm but will instead be a “crowd-sourced community team” which lets anyone contribute to developing better AI.

It remains to be seen how exciting the races will be. Driving writer Antony Ingram notes a potential limitation in that existing driverless technology is largely based on cautious driving designed to limit the obvious bad publicity if an autonomous vehicle crashes, whereas manned motor racing can often come down to human drivers judging and taking risks.

Almost Over! BLACK FRIDAY/Cyber Monday T-SHIRT SALE: Over 100,000 Geektastic Tees at Just $14 Each!


Update: The sale is almost over! As I’m writing this, the sale will end in about 7 hours, so if you want one of our shirts, now is the time to get it! :)

Just a quick post to let you guys know that we’ve just started our t-shirt sale for Black Friday! From now until Cyber Monday, all of our t-shirts as well as the ones from Teepublic dropped to just $14 each. And we’re talking of over 100,000 designs here!

You can also get tank tops for $18, crewnecks for $30, hoodies for $35, and wall art at 20% off!


[BLACK FRIDAY T-Shirt Sale: Over 100,000 Geektastic Tees at Just $14 Each! | Geeks are Sexy T-Shirt Store]