This 14-Foot-Long Lego StarCraft Display Took Several Years to Complete! [Pics + Video]


A team of LEGO artist from all over the world (U.S., Canada, Belgium and Norway) took 3 years to complete this 14-foot-long LEGO StarCraft display, which as unveiled at Brickworld Chicago a few weeks ago. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to put it in full screen mode and in HD after hitting the play button!



[SierconCoral | Siercon and Coral on Flickr | Via NA]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Animated Series Gets New Poster, Release Date [PIC]

Disney has released the official poster for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy animated series on Disney XD!

The series will debut on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 9:30pm ET with two back-to-back episodes, BUT Disney XD will tease us by airing the very first episode on Saturday, Sept. 5 at 9pm.


But you’ll also want to set your DVRs for the month of August, too! The channel will air 10 two-minute short videos every Saturday night that will explore the background of each major character.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Aug. 1: Star-Lord, Part 1 — 8:58 p.m. ET/PT and Part 2 — 10:28 p.m. ET/PT
  • Aug. 8: Groot, Part 1 — 8:58 p.m. ET/PT and Part 2 — 9:58 p.m. ET/PT
  • Aug. 15: Rocket Raccoon, Part 1 — 8:58 p.m. ET/PT and Part 2 — 9:58 p.m. ET/PT
  • Aug. 22: Drax, Part 1 — 8:58 p.m. ET/PT and Part 2 — 9:58 p.m. ET/PT
  • Aug. 29: Gamora, Part 1 — 8:58 p.m. ET/PT & Part 2 — 9:58 p.m. ET/PT

[via Entertainment Weekly]

Selfie Security: Mastercard May Make Your Face A PIN Alternative


MasterCard is to test facial recognition as a payment authorization tool on smartphones. That’s prompted questions over the security of the way it will handle the data.

The idea is to replace the need to type in a PIN code when making a purchase. While MasterCard hasn’t confirmed this, it’s likely the tool will work for bigger purchases, unlike contactless payment authorization such as NFC chips that are usually restricted to small amounts.

The concept is simple enough: you pay using a dedicated app and as part of the process you hold up the phone to your face and take a picture. (Journalists, with the help of a quote from a MasterCard spokesman, are already banging on about this being ‘selfie security.’) Facial recognition confirms you are the registered account holder.

During the authorization you’ll need to blink once to prove the lens really is pointing at you and not a photograph. That’s not necessarily foolproof however as it could theoretically be possible to take a photo of somebody and animate it with a few frames featuring bogus eyelid images. That said, you’d either need to act as a bogus seller (and leave yourself open to tracing if the fraudulent transaction is reported) or find some way of distracting a genuine retailer while you pull off the scam.

It’s the technical process that’s worrying one security consultant quoted by CNN. The image of your face never actually leaves your phone, but it is converted to a digital code that is sent to Mastercard’s servers for verification. Mastercard insists it will keep that code secure and that it won’t be able to reverse the conversion to recreate the image.

Mastercard is starting out cautiously with a test program for 500 users this fall. It certainly plans to go full throttle once any kinks are worked out. Tt’s made deals for the technology to work with Apple, Android and Windows phones and says it’s close to agreements with two major banks.

IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN: Japan Accepts USA’s Request for a Giant Robot Duel [Videos]

Last week, Megabots Inc uloaded a video to youtube challenging Japan to a Duel involving two giant robots: The MegaBot Mk. II versus Suidobashy Heavy Industies’ Kuratas. In case you missed it, here is the video.

JAPAN HAS ACCEPTED THE DUEL, telling Megabots Inc that if they organize the duel, they’ll be there.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super pumped about this event! This is going to be awesome, even though I suspect that Megabots will lose simply because you know, Japan is Japan after all.


Do Crops Circles Prove Aliens Exist?

While we strongly suspect that most crop circles are the work of pranksters, some still believe that a few of those are being made by aliens. Check ou this interesting look at how the belief in crop circled evolved in the past few decades.

Mysterious crop circles have been spotted in wheat fields across the world for decades. With no witnesses to see them being made and reports of strange glowing lights hovering above them, could crop circles be the proof that aliens exist?

[Alltime Conspiracies]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 50% Off CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS (1500VA/900W) – $97.95 + FREE Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS 1500VA 900W AVR Mini-Tower for just $97.95 + FREE shipping. That’s 50% off on the UPS’s regular list price of $179.95.

A mini-tower UPS with line interactive topology, the CyberPower Intelligent LCD CP1500AVRLCD provides battery backup (using simulated sine wave output) and surge protection for desktop computers, workstations, networking devices, and home entertainment systems. The CP1500AVRLCD uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power, which extends battery life. AVR is essential in areas where power fluctuations occur frequently.

For a UPS with this capacity (1500VA), this is a very, very low price, and the reviews for this unit are excellent.

CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS (1500VA/900W)$179.95 $97.95 (50% Off)