More Video Game Logic At Its Finest

Video game logic. Because who needs logical logic when you are fully immersed in gaming? No one. That’s who. (imgur) Advertisements


Fallout 4 Logic

When power armor is not enough to impress someone, you may as well just shoot them there on the spot to make a point. (Reddit)

Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight: Fallout Logic

“Hey, that guy just killed a group of our fellow raiders, and it took him minimal effort and cost him no health at all. I should charge him with a small knife I stole from an empty kitchen while screaming “vengeance” at the top of my lungs. I am sure that will end well for […]

‘Destiny’ Logic

Well, in the video game world, that sorts stuff happens all the time. Seems your only destiny here is to get frustrated. Wow, that was an awful joke. Sorry about that. (imgur)

Sure, After You: Horror Game Logic

Sure, looks super inviting. Heck, give me five minutes and I’ll throw together some E-vites and see if some friends wanna come by and throw a party in there, it looks THAT inviting. Game logic at its finest. (Via Imgur)