Eight Ways to Be A Better Tweet Geek

Twitter is my preferred social network for a number of reasons. But more than anything I love it because it’s simple and, with the help of various clients and lists, easy to organize and keep track of. It’s far easier to spend twenty minutes a day catching up on tweets, in my opinion, than the […]


Flocking.me: Another Bird in the Twitter Flock

I’m an admitted Twitterholic, but I’m the first to admit that many of its basic functions leave a great deal to be desired. While Twitter certainly works on a basic level, it’s also left enough gaping holes in usability to allow for tons of development in a variety of applications. In the last few months […]

Twitter Lists, Google Alerts, and the Changing Face of Social Media

It’s no exaggeration to say that Twitter has been the most useful networking tool I’ve ever used. After months of toiling away on my blog and finding it very difficult to make connections with like-minded individuals, it was Twitter that actually linked me up with writers and geeks all across the globe. So, how I […]

Hit the “snooze” button on your over-chatty Twitter followers

By Mark O’Neill I know I sometimes can’t stop talking about Twitter, but that’s because I am constantly amazed at some of the inventive apps that people come up with. The latest one had me in stitches – the ability to shut up one (or more) of your followers by hitting a “snooze” button on […]