Scrap Metal Transformers Sculptures [Pics]

I’m an old school TransFan, so these Michael Bay, can’t-tell-the-ass-from-the-elbow Transformers are not my cup of tea. However, Chinese artist Yang Junlin’s sculptures, made of thousands of pieces of welded metal and miscellaneous parts just might make me a believer.  I mean, his work almost makes it ok that Megatron is now a tank. Almost. […]

Carnegie Mellon University To Add Autonomous Flight to Transformer

Yes, you read that right. Transformers are in our future– at least our proposed future. Looks like Carnegie Mellon University have secured a whopping grant to the tune of $1 Million to further develop the flying Lockheed Martin Transformer vehicle concept for DARPA, by adding autonomous capabilities. The point of this military vehicle isn’t just […]