Grab the Kleenex: The 10 Saddest Cartoon Deaths of All Time

I am just gonna post this here and go off into the corner and sob for about fifteen minutes about the opening scene in Up. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine. This happens at least twice a year since the movie’s release. Spoiler alert: might wanna keep tissues handy for this video, as […]

Actor Who Played ALF (And Forged My Geek Path in Life) Dead at 76

Michu Meszaros is a name most geeks who grew up in the 90’s wont know, but should. It is the name of the man who played ┬áthe TV character ALF. That insane, puppet-rigged, main character in a prime time sitcom about a furry alien who was smug, snarky, and liked to “eat cats.” Take from […]

Man Makes Video Game To Cope With Son’s Terminal Cancer

To have a child who is terminally ill is something you would wish on no person. But sadly, it does happen and is something some people have to live through. One man took the news and decided to do something proactive with it to help him deal and potentially help others down the road in […]

Remembering Satoru Iwata Through His Amazing Accomplishments

What can we even say about the loss of Satoru Iwata? This is a massive loss for the industry and nerd culture as a whole. Thing is, we should not focus on the loss of the man. Instead, we should honor him through his work and remarkable accomplishments, like he would want. And honestly, a […]

What Will They Think of Next: The ‘Fake Arm Selfie Stick’ Has Arrived!

The selfie stick is an interesting cultural phenomenon none of us saw coming. Seeing someone with a three foot stick taking pics of themselves is definitely surreal, but we are living in a tech forward world and this is all part of that evolution. Well, get ready for the selfie stick to reach brave new […]

Man Deals With Breakup By Artistically Taking His Ex Out of His Life Using Photoshop

Breakups suck. That is something most people can universally agree upon. In our current world of social media it is even worse because, often, we wear our relationships on our sleeves through the photos and statuses we share. One man named Matthew Swarts had a bad breakup recently and found moving on difficult, so he […]

Second Trailer For Chappie Hints at Movie’s Inevitable Greatness

Chappie looks like it is setting up to be one of the best movies of 2015. With Neill Blomkamp directing, doing his sci-fi thing, and with the band Die Antwoord on board and Sigourney Weaver playing what looks to be the antagonist of this whole ordeal, there is nothing about it that DOESN’T look awesome. […]