What Will They Think of Next: The ‘Fake Arm Selfie Stick’ Has Arrived!


The selfie stick is an interesting cultural phenomenon none of us saw coming. Seeing someone with a three foot stick taking pics of themselves is definitely surreal, but we are living in a tech forward world and this is all part of that evolution. Well, get ready for the selfie stick to reach brave new levels. Introducing the selfie stick that looks like an arm. Designed by  Justin Crowe and Aric Snee to appear as if one is being photographed by a lover or close friend, it was created to help some people deal with being alone and not always having to appear as such.


From Gizmodo:

The Selfie Arm is still a concept at this point, and hopefully if the pair ever decide to commercialize their creation they’ll make it look less dead and gray. But the idea might help to make the selfie stick fad seem slightly less awful because the resulting photos don’t actually look like you’re taking a picture of yourself. Instead, they appear as if a lover or a good friend is actually behind the camera opposite you.


Some may mock it, but loneliness is very much a real thing for some people, and if this helps that, who are we to judge?

(Image, story via Gizmodo)

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