Microsoft Will Finish Windows 10 in June

For those tapping your fingers together feverishly waiting for the newest OS for their PC’s, looks like Microsoft will be finishing up Windows 10 in June. While that may seem like a short time between announcement and release, they followed a very similar template with Windows 8, so it’s not like they can’t deliver on […]

Developers Represent: EA and Ubisoft E3 Highlights

Now that things have settled down, and the fallout between Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences are sifting to a murky haze – let’s take a look at some other announcements from two of the industries leading developers. Ubisoft and Electronic Arts hosted their events on Monday and treated fans to an array of new titles, […]

First Impressions from the Microsoft (Xbox One) Presser at E3

Highlights: Xbox One launches November 2013 in 21 countries for $499 in the US, €499.99 Euro, £429 UK. Console Exclusives include Halo 5, Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Quantum Break, Lococycle. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be a launch title. 2 free downloadable titles per month with XBL: Gold membership Twitch […]

Thoughts on Going PC: A Decade-Long Mac User Makes Peace with Microsoft

My post from a few weeks ago, detailing why I’d decided to switch to a PC from a Mac, really got some of your blood boiling. While there were a few folks utterly aghast at my decision to nix the shiny world of Apple for the starker, more sterile world of Microsoft, on the whole, […]