eBay: The Unofficial Home of The Evil Genius

I am gonna be honest. I don’t even feel bad for this person. Quite the other extreme, actually. I think if you are desperate enough to conform with new tech the minute it comes out, yet want to skimp or get a deal, you deserve crap like this for trying to cut corners. It is […]


7 Nonsense Things Gamers Try That Are No Use Whatsoever

You know every gamer is guilty of at least one of these. That’s what makes the list so funny. [PlaystationAccess]

Black Ops 3 Logic

You know, because robots have knuckles and stuff? Now That’s game logic! (Imgur)

The Force is Strong With My Dishes…..

Is it just me, or do my recently washed dishes in this photo look suspiciously like a TIE fighter? Did the Force just awaken in my house? You know I am a true geek when I stopped what I was doing at 2 a.m to take a pic of this to share with the world. […]

BOBA FETT vs SARLACC PIT in Star Wars: Battlefront

Oh wait, don’t make me live it again! Oh, I guess it was just fate he ended up in there, huh. No matter how many ways you try to avoid it, Fetts and Sarlaccs just seem to go together. [OutsideXbox]

That Moment When Gaming Breaks the Fourth Wall and Hurts Your Feelings

WELL, I, UM, BET YOU DON’T HAVE AN N.P.C, A.I CONTROLLED FRIENDS OR WHATEVER! *Hits power and runs off crying at how deeply those words cut. God gaming, I love you. But sometimes you really hurt me. (Imgur)

That One Emo Giant In ‘Skyrim’ Who Hates His Life

The great thing about open world games is that they tend to have a life of their own, and it exists with or without you. And sometimes, as a result of a dynamic world like that, you see some things you don’t expect. Like this troll giant throwing a tantrum because his Dad wont let […]


You know, that moment in Skyrim when you find thistle (ALL THE THISTLE), and realize, little else matters. Come on! We have ALL been there at least once. Right? RIGHT!!??? (Imgur)