Still The Best ‘Mass Effect’ Meme Ever

Mordin, I still miss you. But man, when you were on point, you were ON POINT! *Puts on glasses (Via Imgur) Advertisements


The Line That Probably WON’T Make The ‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake

Every Final Fantasy fanboy is drooling right now at the thought of the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake. This is also leading many to play it again to see things that may or may not make the cut. Suffice it to say, one Imgur user figured out one line of dialogue that most certainly wont […]

The 5 Most Kojima Moments From ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’

We all know Kojima is gone from Konami, and it saddens us all deeply. But in his most recent game, he made some key moments that make it very clear to his fan base that Kojima was involved. You know, he has an odd and quirky sense of humor that made it into every game, […]

Funny Fallout: Even Forrest Gump Knows Better Than To Mess With Deathclaws

Anyone who plays Fallout knows the Deathclaws are some of the most fearsome beasts in that whole world. Hell, even Forrest Gump knows when it is better just to turn and run. Whoever Imgur user made this, thank you. Just thank you. (H/T Reddit, Via Imgur)

There’s a Ghost! [Comic]

Man, that janitor is pretty devious. Leave it to the PerryBibleFellowship to come up with something so simple, yet so brilliant.

Well, That Explains The Kool-Aid Man [Comic]

Well, that explains that. [Source: Three Word Phrase]

Snowed in At PAX [Comic]

Wow, it will be like the Thunderdome from Mad Max I bet. [Source: Penny Arcade]