Geek Lair: Accessorize your setup – Part 2

After procrastinating for the past few weeks I guess it’s time to let you guys in on the latest installment of Geek Lair. Today I’m going to take a look at –and review!– some cool stuff which will increase productivity and snazz up your desk. Some of the great items in my last feature might […]


Geek Lair: Five ways to accessorize your setup (Part 1)

After reading the last installment of Geek Lair, you’ve probably been waiting to find out how to complete the perfect den of Geekdom. As we all know, the epicenter of a cool cave is the computer desk; that place where you keep your most valued possessions. The setup is home to your monitors, computers, gadgets, […]

Geek Lair: 6 Lamps to set the mood

It is customary for the geek lair to contain lots of computers, disassembled electronics, and other gadgets which have long since lived out their usefulness. Although the geek lair –a nerds equivalent to the all powerful bat-cave– is quite interesting to bear witness to, it often lacks worthy lighting which is replaced by boring light […]