Failure to Launch: On Finally Finding my Doctor

When it comes to fandom these days, I have to be exceptionally picky. It’s not like when I was in college, where I had stupid amounts of free time and no cares in the world. I’ve got kids. I’ve got work, finances, responsibilities. Just like my game playing, my television/movie fandom-watching selection have suddenly achieved […]

RANT: When Geekery Goes Mainstream, Do We Lose?

By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are hobbits at Denny’s. I’m supposed to be excited about this. I’m supposed to be frothing at the mouth, declaring victory for second breakfast and showing up in my own home-made hobbit feet, singing The Road Goes Ever On and On and snapping pictures on my iPhone every […]

Are Vampires Losing Their Geeky Edge?

From Black Holes to Blood Suckers I couldn’t help but notice some trends in yesterday’s post about black holes in our geek lives. Not only did we see some interesting omissions in people’s geeky educations, but there were also quite a few confessions. (Really, people, not reading The Lord of the Rings? And you call […]