Can the Ocean’s Color Help Predict Hurricane Paths?

Having spent the past weekend here at the North Carolina coast, I know that the color of water can make a big difference in your day. Learning the subtle shifts in shade can help you avoid running aground, or give you insight as to where to dock your boat when the tide is high. But […]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 3 – Recycle

Here’s the third and final installment in the series on green geekery. We’ve already gone over reducing consumption and reusing what you have, so now it’s time to address recycling. Unfortunately, the heavy metals often found in hardware make electronics difficult to recycle on the same scale as much simpler things, like plastic. Recycling and […]

Sexy Green Geek: Part 2 – Reuse

Welcome to part two of becoming a sexy green geek! Last time, we focused on reducing consumption. This time, the topic is reusing what you already have. Reusing should always come before recycling. Since commercially recycled e-waste often isn’t actually recycled at all, it makes sense to try and find a second life for old […]

The Aptera is The Results of a Race Car and Stealth Fighter Having a One Night Stand

By Shea Gunther Contributing Writer, [GAS] Holy cool green car Batman! The Aptera looks like the results of a one night stand between a sports car and a stealth jet. Made by Carlsbad, California company Aptera Motors, it’s currently available for pre-order and will be coming out in two versions in 2008 and 2009. An […]

Meet the Newest GAS Contributing Writer: Shea Gunther

Howdy Sexy Geeks. I’m Shea Gunther, the newest Contributing Writer to this here fine blog. I’ve been a reader and big fan of GAS for the past year+ and I was really excited when Kiltak sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in being a GAS writer. I had discovered a post in […]