Help Fund the Coolest Dice Set of all Time

Do I even have to tell you why you need to help fund these dice? Most of us who are true geeks have played tabletop games that require dice that have more than six sides. While there have been many cool variations over time, how cool would it feel to help fund the next coolest […]


20-Sided Dice So Visually Impaired Can Play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’

So this is a 20-sided-dice to help the visually impaired play Dungeons and Dragons. It just shows you there is still awesome left in the world! And one side note, that thing looks like it could do some damage if you tossed it at a kobold. You have to play D&D to truly appreciate that […]

Five Things You Should Never Say to Your D&D Party

A few months ago I wrote a post about things you should never say to your DM during a D&D—or any RPG–campaign. And while the DM wields the most power, you can’t underestimate the importance of good group rapport. Over the last two years I’ve absolutely lucked out with a fantastic group of players. We […]

Five Things You Should Never Say to Your DM

DMs are the unsung heroes of tabletop RPGs. They get a bad reputation (sometimes deservingly) for being a little power hungry, often times controlling, and frequently heartless when it comes to playing games. But the truth is that every DM has their own style of DMing and their own approach to the game. Some like […]