More Photos from DragonCon 2012

Today, we’ve got another set of pics from Dragon Con 2012 to share with you guys. Thanks to IndieNate for capturing these costumed fans at the con for us! Please note that you can find our pictures from Day 1 right here, Day 2 here, day 3 here, and day 4 here. Advertisements


DragonCon 2012 “Gangnam Style” video remix

One of the best things to come out of DragonCon weekend.

Daughter of Convention: The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Con

It’s a rarely disputed fact among the geek contingent that conventions, by and large, are a kind of rite of passage. (If you haven’t gotten the convention achievement, you really should get on that, by the way.) And what’s not to love? There are as many conventions these days as there are fandoms, all across […]

Off to Dragon*Con

You might notice I won’t be posting as much in the next few days, but it’s for a very geeky cause: I’ll be going to Dragon*Con! This is the third year that I’ve gone to the Atlanta-based fan convention, and every year I experience, well, something altogether different. When that many costumed geeks descend on […]